Farm to People July 2014 Box: Smoke and Spice

I went on an adventure today on a borrowed scooter. I was chased by wild dogs, no big deal, don’t worry about it. I’m exhausted now and starving. When I got home after driving through a scary park, ogling silkworm nests and eating coconut cream pie, I got an awesome box in the mail. I’ve been getting into subscription boxes lately, and when Farm to People offered to send me a box, I was keen to try their selection. I’ve got to admit, I was a little nervous- with all the specialty foods I’ve tried, I figured there would be some repeats, if not most of them. Somehow, perfection and snacks aligned- not only were there items from new companies I hadn’t heard of, but there were things I’d been ogling for months.DSC_9147-2 Continue reading

Top 10 Eats in St. Louis, MO

Yep. Back to Missouri. Can’t let the beast win, right?wpid-img_20140711_220341.jpgA few weeks before we made the plan to go, I found a clue. A new lead, like letters underneath fingernails. I think hipsters stole my briefcase. This is entirely based on a piece of paper I found while going through my belongings after switching rooms, a paint sample wedged in between a few Kansas City bus passes that read, in lazy handwriting, “I hope I’m the pain in your poems.” Continue reading

Ribs Eleven: Pig of the Month

DSC_9141-219:30 CT. It’s still light out. It had all the makings of a perfect evening. Six hours of Diners, Drive-I-, uh, six hours of Bob’s Burgers or Fassbinder queued up after a long day of work, a fresh haircut from my favorite barbershop, that I’d driven to on the scooter I’d temporarily traded my car for, and absolutely nothing planned. All it took was fifteen minutes for that dream to fade, and now my hotel room smells like meat and the ravenous scent of a champion. But let me start at the beginning. Continue reading

Dr Pepper, Cucumber, Cherry, and Crème Fraîche Ice Cream Parfait

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Sometimes, things just don’t go as planned. That’s not so bad in some cases. Annoying in others. In this case, this is the story of the pork and the cake that wasn’t. Originally, I had set out to make a Dr Pepper poke cake with soda bubble-inspired frosting, a cherry and soda-flavored pudding filling, and a triple layer of chocolate ganache, just in case someone left my hotel party without having a heart attack. The cake was not to be. And the pork? I forgot it at the grocery store and remembered its absence five days later. Some days you just can’t win. DSC_9065-2 Continue reading

Tillamook Honey Cinnamon Crème Brûlée Dessert Yogurt

I’ve finally achieved a level of comfort between unbridled human autonomy and the robot slavery we’re doomed to undergo once automated insurance customer services (I’m talkin’ to you, Blue Cross) and abused Coca-Cola Freestyle machines rear up and conquer us. That comfort level is the Jawbone Up24. It’s gentle- it tells me what to do and when to do it without insisting, like a sweet suggestion from a passive-aggressive partner, but it gets me going and gives me cold, hard statistics on my body rather than the cold, hard stares my general practitioner gives me.DSC_9027-2 Continue reading

Hormel Kid’s Kitchen Cookie Dough Pudding

What, Hormel, no bacon? Come on, get with the trends. Even the children who will be stumbling through this pudding recipe know that bacon was hella trendy during their fourth grade heyday of gold stars and homework passes. Regardless, Hormel has inexplicably decided to branch out into the pudding game, with flavors including bubblegum, cotton candy, birthday cake, and the most texturally incongruent of them all, cookie dough.DSC_9022 Continue reading

Core Brewing Behemoth Pilsner

This is easily the most American 4th of July I’ve ever experienced. Granted, the bar has been set rather low. Last year, the Bedfellow and I went swimming and couldn’t find food and decided we’d rather die than go to Applebee’s. The year before that, I made a brisket, ate gross Italian ice, and read obituaries alone in the house. Needless to say, despite my love for the 4th, I’ve never really celebrated it very well.wpid-wp-1404493935930.jpegThis year is different. This year includes a rodeo, barbecue, and fries pies, but that’s not all. Continue reading

Looka Patisserie Macarons

I had to change hotel rooms this weekend. It was just like moving apartments, but it was less fun, more stressful, and I ended up in the same room, but reversed, like some sort of weird version of Barton Fink minus headless women in the mail. It was 11PM by the time I was done with all of my unpacking and repacking and complaining on Facebook, and there was no food to be had with the exception of twelve macarons. And sometimes, when you have twelve macarons, you must tear the box wide open like a bear and eat them. You must eat them all.DSC_8964 Continue reading