Taco Bell Sour Cream Dip Spicy Habanero

I have resigned myself to the somewhat weird, mythological loop of living in an extended-stay hotel. Legends shall know me as Jessica, of the Embassy Suites, or Jessica, the Latter-Day Eloise, or Jessica, she who now refuses to wear clothing on the weekends. Living in a hotel is part indulgent and part watching a beloved relative or public blogging figure lose all of their remaining self-sufficiency. I may have forgotten how to make a bed. And how to cook eggs. I may have lost all meaning of non-fresh towels, warm from the dryer, fresh sheets changed on a daily basis, and I may occasionally ogle nicer hotel rooms on the internet on the hotel’s internet connection (oh baby, I’m sorry) but I have not lost the ability to both endure and enjoy terrible food. DSC_8822

The particular Walmart where this delicacy was sourced serves only as a grocery store so I was scouring the shelves looking for duck fat (no) and odd foods that have not yet made it out to other parts of the country or even the internet. (bingo) Taco Bell sour cream dip in three flavors? Mama likes. I am hoping to have a framed commission of myself balancing the purchase of fresh lard, dip, and corn chips in one hand, and fresh pheasant, thyme, and juniper berries from Fresh Market in the other, from 30 minutes prior. One must have a balanced diet, you know.DSC_8823To be honest, I’m not entirely sure where I stand on sour cream dips, as on the broad scale of meat, cheese, jam, sauce, and salsa-based dips, sour cream feels superfluous, an ingredient rather than the star. Taco Bell wishes to capitalize on this tepid sour cream dip market and advertises REAL sour cream, in passive-aggressive all caps on the side, along with an innocuous graph of the heat level. Which is fire. Wait, does the inclusion of real sour cream preclude the fact that this registers a ‘fire’ on an otherwise unmarked scale? Taco Bell, I know approximately three month’s worth of torts, so I have to tell you that according to my diligently scrawled notes from 10 September 2013, ‘strict liability is some serious shit, and order a pizza tonight, maybe?’ DSC_8824Heed my words, future readers, should this dip ever enter your bustling metropolis, the end result is indeed fire. Yes, ‘end,’ as in ‘ensuing’ and ‘butt.’ This stuff is hot. It doesn’t play around. It’s certainly hotter than Taco Bell’s original fire sauce, there is a significant burn completely unfettered by the dairy with an underlying sweetness from the carrots and bell peppers. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted from Taco Bell without having to actually go to Taco Bell, which makes it literally holy. I love it. rating9


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  2. Angel Barnes

    The Jalepeno one is great! Not TOO spicy but great heat and flavor. I haven’t tried the chipolte one yet may have to. Habanero one was just hot and the flavor wasn’t that great. Great review!

  3. Thrash

    Try the CREAMY JALAPENO flavor Taco Bell dip… nice & sneaky heat. You’re like “Taco Bell, you forgot the jalapeno” and then it does a ninja attack that you don’t see coming on your throat and tongue.

  4. Sheila L.

    I just tried this. It is not only HOT but it has a great taste. If you can handle the heat, like me, you’ll want to keep eating more. I made myself stop eating it reluctantly because, well…I didn’t want to suffer the next day. If you can handle the heat try it out.

  5. Sheila L.

    …now if Taco Bell could just come up with a hotter sauce than Fire for their restaurants I would such a happy girl. :)

  6. Monica

    So i bought this sour cream dip then looked for a review online and couldnt find one till after i tasted it…….. i was like IS THIS FOR REAL!!l!????? () I have the habanero dip) The first time i ate it it scared the crap-ola!!!! outta me!!! i was not thinking it was going to be that freakin hot and to top it off i spooned it into my mouth like yogurt… SMH. After a few days of being traumatized and having read the reviews i went at it again with a different approach, and it is absolutely delicious i love it cant wait to try the other two.

  7. Whitney

    After reading the reviews, I’m def gonna give it a try.

    Just a fyi, coupons.com has a coupon for a $1 off one dip! :-)

  8. BRENT

    I, like Christina am full blown, head over heals, addicted to and in love with this stuff! My wife brought it home one day in July and we have been together ever since, until…in the last week, Wal-Mart has been out of stock all over my home town (there are 8 within 15 miles). I have been going through withdrawals…what the heck is in this stuff?! Seriously though, this is by far the best store bought dip I have ever eaten! Like others have said, not for the heat intolerant. Enjoy!

    • alta

      All walmart here in florida at least Marion County discontinued the spicy habanero dip very very disappointed loved it. They will not restock it.

  9. alta

    Walmart don’t carry the spicy habanero dip anymore of course they do that all the time to me. I can’t find it anywhere no other store sells it and walmart said it isn’t a big seller. I LOVE this one please tell me how to get it?

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